About Serendipitous

Hello! And welcome to Serendipitous online boutique – where the heart is centered around finding and reselling chic and affordable second-hand treasures.

I have always had a love for textiles and patterns. In college, I studied fashion merchandising at FIT in New York and would marvel over my fellow classmates who studied pattern making and fashion design. As a young girl, I spent most of my time drawing new fashions in my sketchbook. Nowadays, I spend most of my time shuttling children to activities but this venture brings me back to my career dreams of becoming a fashion buyer. Perhaps some day… 🙂

My passion is finding slightly used items that are unique enough to stand the test of time along with adding something a little special to your or your child’s closet. In our day in age, recycling is of utmost importance. By participating in giving these gently used items new homes, you not only contribute in saving our planet but you are also supporting a small, woman-owned business.

Thank you for stopping by and remember to spend wisely, be mindful, but always stay stylish. Please revisit often for new goods and updates.


photo credit: Jana Bannan Photography

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