Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship worldwide?

Someday, we hope to be able to reach a global clientele but for now we only ship to the US and Canada. Check back or follow us on Instagram for updates in the shipping department.

Do you accept returns/refunds?

Because of the nature of our business and not having items in stock with multiple sizes, we do not accept returns or exchanges. All sales are final. Please pay attention to the measurements on each item to ensure that the piece will fit. We always post detailed measurements even if the size is listed. Thank you for your understanding.

Will you take clothing on consignment?

Not at the moment. We pride ourselves in finding the best possible deals in our local thrift stores. Perhaps we will consider it in the future. Please check back for updates or follow us on Instagram.

Can I use a coupon code?

Of course! If you receive a coupon code via mail or email, please feel free to enter in the check-out where the Coupon Code area is before you pay. We do limit one coupon code per transaction.

How do you care for items you find?

Depends on the individual item! We are sure to launder each clothing item and dry clean if that is what the garment calls for. Shoes and knick knacks are wiped down appropriately depending on the material of the specific item. Basically, we aim to ship second hand items with first class freshness.

How to I ensure my item will fit?

We measure each item laid flat from seam to seam. We are careful not to stretch the item or distort while measuring. If fabric content has stretch, please take that into account.

How do you ship your items:

USPS has been our go to for shipping. We have always had luck in the past with this shipping method and have also found their rates to be fair for our buyers.

If you have any specific questions about an order placed or received, please feel free to email us at info@shopserendipitous.com