Have you switched out your clothes for the season yet? 
After doing it for my 3 kids, I’m not going to lie- I never make it to mine. My sweaters hug my tanks all winter long….but that’s another lazy story for another time 


What triggered this post was receiving a text from a close friend about what to do when you’re preparing a bag to donate and you come across stained items or clothes with holes in them….still donate or trash?

My take: Still donate….why? There are so many crafty people out there that go to thrift stores to strictly upcycle clothing. Literally magicians that will turn a spaghetti stained jumper into a crossbody bag…I’m seeing hair scrunchies made of tees. A little tailoring on a dress? That stain never happened. Rip in jeans? Patched for a custom look. Recently, Jenn thrifted a sweet vintage GAP gingham shirt that needed a small patch for a tiny hole and was missing a button. Don’t let a unique find with a tiny flaw deter your style! Sewing a tiny ladybug on a picnic-basket like gingham shirt seemed like the perfect solution.

There is still “life” left for what some may consider to be trash. And sometimes there may be items that are at this point, but before you go there, consider these last ditch efforts to reuse clothing before sending to a landfill where it will literally sit, forever:

  • Cleaning rags
  • Use to protect breakables
  • Furniture movers
  • Cut a child’s smock from an adult tee
  • Create burp cloths from old drapery and towel remnants
  • Dry dishes
  • I saw someone make a sock wreath with all their loners, not my personal style, but to each their own! 🤣 Kudos for making use of them!

Please keep these things in mind when pulling together your next haul to Goodwill or your local Salvation Army. 🙂